Christine Hanchin


    I have been working with children for 15 years +. Most has been in a volunteer capacity with the I Have Dream foundation and at Mesa Elementary and Southern Hills Middle school. I am also a Part time PARA at Southern Hills.  I am married with twin 7th grade girls that go to Southern Hills middle school.  I have 3 funny and amazing dogs, Gunner a yellow lab, Rosie, tea cup Yorkie (both names after the band Guns and Roses) and Carly Simon, (another singing artist) black and white border collie. 
    I grew up in IL and moved to Colorado the year I graduated from college, Winona State, in MN. My best friend and I packed our bags and came to do internships with the City of Boulder. I have been here for 32 years. I met my husband here in CO through my high tech sales job that I had for almost 25 years. I have only been at Bear Creek in the lunch room for almost 1/2 year. I just love the children, faculty and families here.
    My favorite book is "Racing in the Rain". Heart reaching and so insightful, especially if you are a dog lover.