Cosmina Barbat

    Special Education

    My name is Cosmina Barbat and I have been part of the team opening the new autism program at Bear Creek in 2017 as a behavior analyst.  I have been in education for close to twenty years. I started out as a Kindergarten teacher back  in Romania. I then moved to US and completed  my undergrad in psychology and my graduate studies in school psychology and behavior analysis at UCD. When not working, I hang out with my husband and my two boys in the beautiful Golden area playing at the park, hiking, attending soccer practices and games, and fishing. Our families are still back in Romania, so we try to spend summers there with cousins and grandparents  every other year. Now that the boys are a little older, we use that as an opportunity to visit other places in Europe.Sometimes we take the kids along, with their cousins and make it a family Greek vacation. Other times, we "escape" and do an adult "city break" in Prague or Barcelona. Good things happen when you're in Europe!