Sandra Darquea

    My name is Sandra Darquea and I was born in Ecuador.  I moved to Boulder in 2000 because of my husband's job. Our son is a Senior at Fairview HS, so we are excited about his last year of High School and looking forward to his new path that he will choose.  I have been in contact with kids since my son was born. I was a stay home mom, I joined a large and active group of Latin American moms,  we kept very busy with activities like play-dates, field trips to museums, Zoo, arts & crafts, birthday parties, etc.
    We moved to Germany from 2008-2014 which was a good and at the same time a hard experience.  After  6 1/2 years in Germany,  we were very fortunate to come back to the beautiful Boulder Colorado. I started working in the Kindergarten Enrichment program in 2016 and since then I have being working with children, I am so pleased with this job and also happy of being part of the Bear Creek family. I have traveled to different countries, my favorite places are the Galapagos Islands and Japan. One of my favorite book is The Little Prince. We do not have pets.