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Bear Creek Carnival

Nestled at the base of Boulder's Flatirons, Bear Creek Elementary has the best view in Boulder!  Our highly qualified staff is committed to creating student-centered classrooms where all children are challenged to meet their potential, both academically and socially.  A sense of belonging is fostered across all aspects of the day.  Students experience a challenging, relevant, and creative education that nurtures the whole child.  Students' love for Bear Creek can be seen on the smiling faces of children arriving every morning, along with the plethora of past graduates who frequently return to visit with staff members.

Bear Creek has been recognized as a "National Blue Ribbon School" multiple times.  This coveted award recognizes the hard work of students, educators, families, and communities in creating safe and welcoming schools where students master challenging and engaging content. In addition, Bear Creek has received the Colorado John Irwin Schools of Excellence Awards and the Colorado Governor's Distinguished Improvement Awards.

Program Characteristics

Bear Creek Elementary classrooms are engaging, dynamic, and innovative.  The Bear Creek staff work collaboratively to ensure each child’s academic and social/emotional needs are met.  Students have regularly scheduled instruction in reading, writing, math, science, social studies, health, and social emotional learning.  Staff partner with parents and the greater community to facilitate inspiring educational experiences.  Bear Creek students love learning, and demonstrate tremendous growth every school y

ear Creek offers engaging Art, Music, and Physical Education programs.  Individual artistic expression is emphasized and supported, and art is on display in all parts of the school.  Bear Creek’s music program ensures that all students have regular opportunities to sing, speak, play instruments, move and improvise.  In Physical Education, students learn about personal fitness by experiencing a variety of individual and team games and exercises.  

Bear Creek has a full-time school counselor who supports all students in the domains of academic, career, and social emotional support.  The school counselor works with students individually, in a group setting working on more focused skills, and in the classroom teaching whole class social emotional lessons.

Bear Creek ROCKS!  ROCKS stands for Respect, Ownership, Cooperation, Kindness and Safety.  Using positive reinforcement, staff teach children expectations for ROCKS throughout  our school.  Students’ ROCKstar behavior is celebrated every Friday while entire classes are celebrated each Monday.

Bear Creek is part of Colorado’s Universal Preschool Program.  The preschool years are a critical time for students to build a strong foundation of knowledge and skills.  The integrated preschool program offers an exceptional opportunity to start children down a path of lifelong learning.

Bear Creek staff meets students at their individual level.  Bear Creek employs a Literacy Teacher who is highly-trained in Orton Gillingham and other reading intervention strategies.  Currently, math intervention is an instructional focus for the school with a goal of getting 100% of our students to proficiency.  Additionally, Bear Creek has an expert Special Education team skilled in supporting students with a variety of learning challenges.  A point of pride for the school is our center-based program for autistic students

.  The program is supported by a specialized teacher, four paraeducators, a Board Certified Behavior Analyst, and additional service providers skilled in autism support.  

Bear Creek offers Gifted and Talented programming.  All students are screened for giftedness in 2nd grade.  Additionally, parents or teachers can nominate students for gifted testing.  Students who qualify create an Advanced Learning Plan with our Gifted and Talented Advisor.  Differentiation for the Advanced Learning Plan is provided by classroom teachers.  The school’s PTO also funds an Enrichment Coordinator.  This individual oversees enriching opportunities for all students (not just GT), including small group pull-outs for academic and social/emotional support, Beast Academy Math, Math Olympiads, Battle of the Books, and a school-wide Spelling Bee.  

Bear Creek is proud to offer in-person accelerated math classes starting in 4th grade.  4th graders who demonstrate advanced math understanding and strong work ethic are able to take Compacted 4th/5th Math.  In 5th grade, Advanced 1 is offered, which covers all of 6th grade and half of 7th grade math.  Teachers also differentiate instruction for higher performing math students using Beast Academy Math.

Bear Creek takes pride in our diversity, with students speaking nearly 25 different languages.  Emerging Bilinguals are supported by a Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Education (CLDE) Teacher.  Linguistic support is provided in all classrooms.

Bear Creek is committed to preparing students for the 21st century, while appropriately managing student exposure to technology.  Technology is used in all classrooms to supplement the teacher’s instruction.  Observers may find kindergarten students practicing letters or listening to a book on an iPad, while our 4th and 5th graders use Chromebooks to conduct research, write multi-page papers and create products using software like WeVideo that showcase their learning.

Other opportunities include:

  • Content-related field trips across the Front Range

  • 5th grade Outdoor Education

  • Instrumental Music for 5th graders

  • Art Shows

  • Field and Fitness Day

  • Intramural Activities, including dodgeball and skateboarding

  • Music performances, including a Choir, a Musical, and grade level performances

  • Student Council

  • Eco-Cycle/Green Star School lessons

  • Lifelong Learning Classes (offered by BVSD)

  • Before and after school clubs

  • Community Garden

Parent Involvement

Parent engagement in their child’s education supports a child’s success in elementary school, and further improves the overall school community.  Parents are truly seen as partners at Bear Creek.

At Bear Creek, parents are encouraged to communicate regularly with their child’s teacher.  Teachers offer a Back to School Night at the beginning of the year, and Parent/Teacher Conferences twice a year.  Further, teachers are responsive to parent emails and phone calls, and oftentimes teachers are available to meet in-person with a parent when needed.

Parents are welcome to volunteer in a variety of ways at Bear Creek.  Kindergarten through 3rd grade classrooms offer weekly volunteer opportunities.  If a weekly time does not fit in a parent’s schedule, parents can join field trips, class parties, and other special events.

The Bear Creek PTO is an essential part of our school community.  The PTO’s main functions include fundraising, coordinating volunteers, and hosting community events.  Every Bear Creek parent is considered a member of PTO. 

Another way a parent can partner with the staff at Bear Creek is to join our School Accountability Committee (SAC).  The School Accountability Committee is an official group where the community can be involved in educational improvement at a school.  The SAC looks at school goals, reviews school budgets, supports parent engagement, and drives school improvements. 

Finally, Bear Creek has a Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Committee.  This group is made up of parents and staff, with a focus on creating a culture of inclusion and belonging for all students, staff, and community members.

Garden Program

Students planting

The Garden to the Table project  produces food for our Harvest Bar lunches, and our Green Star Schools goal of moving toward zero waste production.

International Culture Festival

International Culture Festival

Bear Creek celebrates the cultural diversity of our students, staff and families through food, song, dance, and education.

Bear Creek Carnival

Bear Creek Carnival

We learn together, we play together....WE ARE BEAR CREEK