Physical Education

Physical Education at Bear Creek Elementary is an important part of each child’s total education.  Physical Education is more than recess and more than just time to play, it is a time for learning. Physical education is not only an instrumental part of the school, but has a giant impact on students’ lives.

  • As we learn about motor skills and improve motor development, we help students understand their bodies and enable them to go about their daily lives safely and effectively.  This helps students feel good about themselves and build confidence in their abilities and skills.
  • As we address physical fitness, we learn about health, how our body works, how to improve physical fitness, and how to maintain a healthy lifestyle.  This will give students the knowledge and skills they need to lead healthy lives. 
  • As we begin to play sports, we gain an understanding of sportsmanship, cooperation, teamwork, and communication.  Each student will learn the fun associated with sports and the importance of sportsmanship and attitude. 

Meet our Physical Education Teacher/s

Danielle Fries

Job Title: Teacher, Pe
Phone Numbers:
School: 720-561-3522

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