Cruger Cup and Trip Tracker

    ​Bear Creek Community, 

    With the start of a new year, now is the time to start planning your daily routines in terms of getting to school and coming home from school. With this in mind, I want to encourage families to consider getting to school and heading home via a car-free commute as often as you can this year. The benefits of walking, biking, uni-cycling, skateboarding to school are many -- a little fresh air and exercise can actually get the brain going, helps the environment, and builds a feeling of community as you travel together with friends and other families. Even driving part of the way and walking the last little bit ("ride-and-stride") is great and helps keep the parking lot less congested and safer.

    This year, we are so happy to be partnering with BVSD's Trip Tracker program, which rewards students for walking, biking, carpooling or riding the RTD to school. Students will earn Trip Tracker Dollars that they can spend like cash at local Boulder businesses like Glacier Ice Cream, Gateway fun Park and Play It Again Sports. You can start counting walk, bike, bus, carpool trips on the first day of school. If you would like to register for the program, here's the L​INK. You can check out the Trip Tracker Website for more program information. 

    The following are the Trip Tracker Survey dates:

    For Trips during:                                            Trip Tracker Survey Open Dates                   TT$ Dist. Week of:
    September                                                          Friday 9/29 - Monday 10/9                         16 - October
    October                                                           Tuesday 10/31 - Monday 11/13                     27 - November
    November                                                       Thursday 11/30 - Monday 12/11                   18 - December
    January                                                            Wednesday 1/31 - Monday 2/12                   19 - February
    February                                                          Wednesday 2/28 - Monday 3/12                   19 - March
    March                                                                    Friday 3/23 - Monday 4/9                          16 - April
    April                                                                     Monday 4/30 - Tuesday 5/8                         14 - May

     We will still be awarding the Cruger Cup to students who commit to and are able to get to school every day via car-free commute this year. If you are a new family and are interested in achieve the Cruger Cup, please check out Bear Creek Parent Handbook on our website, or ask us in the office and we can tell you more.

    Please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions, comments or concerns.

    ~ Kent Cruger, Principal, Bear Creek​​