Jump Rope Club

Children jumping rope

   All students are invited to come in before school once a week to increase cardiovascular                 endurance, improve coordination and agility, meet friends, have fun and learn to be great jump     rope skippers.


 2019-2020 Jump Rope Dates
 Jump Rope Club   (for all grades)

 Friday from, 7:45 to 8:25 AM

                        Begin: …………….September 20    End: …………………March 17th. 


Soon we will be starting our before school Jump rope program which is designed to further develop motor skills and life skills. Students wishing to participate will need to pick up a permission form from the P.E. office or print a copy online,  After filling out the permission form (Jump Rope Club​​​​​), it must be returned before they can participate. There are also permission forms in the Bear Creek foyer. In order to offset the costs of providing equipment for the Jump Rope Club we are asking for a $10 donation for the year.